Supreme Archmage of the Qarqol from 2559 PUTC until the Disjunction, Sarqut was assessed as a grub to bear elevated magical potential and was removed to the guardianship of the Mages' Authority. Groomed from pupation to become Archmage, Sarqut was raised alongside the adolescent emperor, Amon-Qarqol Raqim. Upon the death of Raqim's father, Amon-Qarqol Haqqaut, Raqim took the throne and appointed Sarqut as his Archmage. Sarqut would continue to serve as Imperial Archmage after Raqim's death due to a congenital heart defect, under Amon-Qarqol Sattat.

Resignation Edit

In 2521, Sarqut resigned from his position as Archmage in protest of the Qarqol's sponsorship of carnoturgical experimentation on sentient beings. He remained in Amontepqasar for another eleven months, advocating against further experimentation and slowly gaining support from many independent mages.

The Disjunction of the Qarqol Edit

In Akryezmun of 2520 PUTC, Sarqut, prompted by a warrant for his arrest issued by the Imperial Office, led an assault on the Imperial Palace from within Amontepqasar, hoping to assassinate the emperor and take the throne for himself. Sarqut's first attack

Leadership of the Amnoqtep Edit

Sarqut's conversion into a wholly artificial body inspired near-fanatical devotion among his followers, having survived a mortal wound and emerged as an immortal. This was the final push needed to convince Sarqut's generals to convert themselves into artificial bodies as well. Fully recovered, Sarqut made a formal declaration of war on the Qarqol, initiating the lengthy campaign that would ultimately end in the Qarqotep's evacuation from the Mammarkaid plane.