The original Elipskatharid race, and the final race created by Otan, the Qarqotep resemble beetles with greatly elongated fore and rear pairs of legs. The two middle pairs of legs become nearly vestigial in adulthood, rarely used in polite company.

The Qarqotep originally existed in small, widespread hive-like communities across Mammarkay until an unknown event spurred a mass exodus north into the then-unoccupied deserts of what is now Okhumil. The smaller families coalesced into larger hive-cities, residing in and around the stone outcroppings among the desert sands, surviving on meager game in the area and subsistence farming. This continued until the Folly of Gotun in PUTC 5026, when Hymdil Gotun, famed Wergol scholar and mage, traveled north to bring magic to the uneducated peoples. The Qarqotep, possessed of an unprecedented affinity for the magical arts, excelled and quickly improved themselves and their society, expanding the hive-cities and building immense walls to protect themselves. Within a few months, the cities were at constant war with each other, fighting for resources the Qarqotep had been previously unable to utilize. From the turmoil of these civil wars rose the Qarqol, a body of mages who proposed a single unified empire to bring prosperity and peace to its people.