A vast and powerful empire, the Qarqol, from which the Qarqotep took their name (Qarqosaqum, lit. empire people), ruled over Modern-day Elipskathil and Furos from 4998 PUTC until the exodus of the Qarqotep in 2518 PUTC.

Discovery of Carnoturgy Edit

In 2491 PUTC, the Qarqol uncovered the research of Saqur-Naqem Harqotol, an independent mage. Harqotol's research indicated that through manipulation of the Helicum, the Qarqotep's flawed souls could be completed. The Mages' Authority brought this to the attention of Amon-Qarqol Raqim, who approved the use of Qarqol resources to further carnoturgical research. As the demands of the Authority grew, Raqim approved the acquisition greater and greater numbers of civilian subjects for experimentation, amid protests from many independent mages and his archmage, Amonqamiqus Sarqut. Amid growing dissension, Raqim's rule became increasingly authoritarian.

Disjunction Edit

In 2520 PUTC, Sarqut Amon-Amnoq, then known as Amonqamiqus Sarqut, led a rebellion against the Qarqol from within the capitol, Amontepqasar. This marked the beginning of the Disjunction, a time of war whose effects would be felt across the world. As rebellious Amnoqtep enslaved the Olskir native to Megynis, their forces grew, eventually fighting the Qarqol's armies into deadlock. SOME OTHER STUFF HAPPENED AND THEN the Mages' Authority used nearly all the Qarqol's resources to construct a massive interplanar gate through which the Qarqotep would escape to the unspoiled plane in which their god awaited them. The gate's construction complete, the Qarqotep evacuated, escaping the Amnoqtep's siege. Nine regiments were left behind as martyrs, to hold back the Amnoqtep forces until the evacuation was complete and then destroy it.