Created by Uqam in the earliest times, the Omrakau are a race of beings unlike any other in Mammarkay. Their existence is totally unknown to most, dwelling exclusively in and around Spylarin Urkanis, caves and shadowed places where the God of Secrets’ influence is strongest. Spylarin Urkanis are often sought by scholars as untapped wells of knowledge beyond mortal learning, leading to superstitions that the Omrakau are manifestations of Uqam in Mammarkay, messengers bearing secrets from other worlds.

The origin of the term ‘Omrakau’ is unknown; there are false cognates in several languages across Mammarkay, though their definitions are too varied to reasonably determine an origin. Omrakau was first used by Urkanilius Hymdil Dwergyor Gyorgin in UTC 127, in his dissertation ‘On the Nature of the Spylarin Urkanis’. Gyorgin claimed that the Omrakau had personally informed him that this was the correct nomenclature.

The Omrakau resemble large jellyfish with elongated bells, lacking any carapacial features save for a large dorsal opening through which many small, fleshy tendrils emerge. It is thought that the Omrakau make use of a form of Orothaumus to navigate and communicate.