Descendants of the Wergol settlers who elected to stay in Mammarkay's mainland, the Olskir are the most populous race in Mammarkay, and native to its largest nation, Maadleber. They have changed little from their ancestors, retaining the Wergol’s pale skin and pointed ears. Most Olskir are fairly slim, and are not known for their physical strength. The Olskir are are referred to as ‘Elfe’ within their native language, Elfentaal, and so are often referred to as Elfe or Elves.

Enslavement by the Amnoqtep Edit

At the peak of the Upheaval of the Qarqol, the Amnoqtep forcibly enslaved the Olskir in northern Maadleber and Burtan-Barat. The slaves were largely put to work as laborers mining the huge amounts of thaumatum needed to power the Amnoqtep's military constructs. To increase the effectiveness of their workforce, the Amnoqtep began instructing selected Olskir slaves in the use of magic, using these mage-slaves to regulate the other Olskir.