Descendants of the Qarqotep, the Okhum are characterized by their rejection of nearly all tenets of Qarqotep culture. Nearly all Okhum can trace their ancestry to members of the A’uqurun sect, who exiled themselves from the Qarqol in protest of the Qarqol’s acceptance of carnoturgy and increasingly oppressive government. As a result, few, if any,  A’uqurun participated in the Great Pilgrimage, accepting a nomadic lifestyle and dividing themselves into familial tribes.

The Okhum are the chosen race of Tubar Churrakhal, having accepted it as their patron deity shortly after the events of the Great Pilgrimage. This is the cause of the Okhum’s few physiological differences from the Qarqotep; namely, the Okhum’s carapace is pure white, and the Mark of Tubar Churrakhal is borne upon the center of the facial plate.

Tribal Structure Edit