The largest nation in Mammarkay, Maadleber is the home of the Olskir tribes and the center of the Hesvolene Empire. Maadleber is a temperate nation, bordered on the west and north by mountains and to the east by the Elfish Sea. Maadleber is largely plains and forests, providing ample stretches of farmland. Maadleber’s capital is the city of Hesvolestad, in the state of Hesvolar, and is the seat of the Hesvolene Empire, home to the Emperor and the Governing Council.

Brolitis Edit

Brolitis is the easternmost of the Tribal states, and has the longest coastline. The capital of Brolitis is Hamaatistad, located near the northeastern corner of the state.

Feynlos Edit

The homeland of the Feynlistor tribe, Feynlos rests in the foothills of the Maadleber Range. Its capital, Bergis, is located at the peak of Mount Smelly Butt.

Hesvolar Edit

Considered by many to be the center of Olskir civilization, Hesvolar is a very heavily-populated Tribal State, home to many of Maadleber’s largest cities. Hesvolar borders five of the other six Tribal States, and relies heavily on fishing and trading, and holds many of the largest ports in both Maadleber and Mammarkay.

Yarrikal Edit

The least populous of the Tribal States, Yarrikal is landlocked and offers few resources, occupied mostly by scrubland and sparse trees. Yarrikal’s capital, Yaritburge, sits in the Dorbekker Basin near the center of the state.