A Tevelin holiday celebrating the habitation of the moon by Lurast The Benefactor. Jure des Gutterwerk traces its origin to the Century of Night, when the predecessors of the Tevelin Lunar Order launched the moon in an attempt to create a substitute for the sun.

Traditional Tevelin celebration involves nightly festivals over the course of three days. On the first night, adults of the community hide sweets for children to find around the village and surrounding forest. The second night , adults don elaborate costumes of decorative armor and reenact the legendary battle between Amnoqtep and Tevelin during the Century of Night. For the third night, communities will assemble a hollow replica of the moon from thin panels carved from MOONTONIUM, inside which a bonfire is built. Revelers circle around the replica, while other participants wear elaborate costumes made to resemble the Children of Malice, creatures born of Malicious influence who caused untold death and destruction during the Century of Night. Revelers around the pyre fire small fireworks at the Children of Malice, igniting the costumes, which are soaked in colorants and burn brightly in varied colors.