An empire born of the Hesvoline tribe of Olskir which rules the majority of mainland Mammarkay. The Hesvoline Empire encompasses Maadleber, Burtan-Barat, Erdvoll, and Illmarinos with tentative holdings in southern Furos.
Hesvoline Flagsml

The flag of the Hesvoline Empire

Founding Edit

Aaldrik de Haavlin, the empire's founder, was a veteran of the Tribal Wars who was wounded in an ambush on the Brolitine front lines. Upon his return to Hesvolar, de Haavlin became increasingly involved in the politics of the Tribal Council, eventually authoring and proposing the Disarmament Treaty responsible for conclusively ending the Tribal Wars. After the disarmament of the other tribes, the Hesvoline, led by de Haavlin, began encouraging a return to the nationalist policies of the Elfenkrijk, which most held to be the height of Elfish culture. After the Yarrikal volunteered their lands and remaining military power, the Hesvoline began invading the surrounding Tribal States, encountering little resistance and officially founding the Hesvoline Empire.

Acquisition of Erdvoll Edit

The Elfish tribes of Erdvoll opposed assimilation into the Hesvolene Empire, refusing to allow trade caravans to pass through their territory and harassing border settlements. Haal van Pikken, a veteran of the Tribal Wars, was dispatched to lead an invasion into Erdvoll with the goal of capturing the nation for the empire. A two-month campaign into the depths of Erdvoll's forests resulted in less than 200 Hesvoline casualties and the total defeat of the Erdvolar tribes. In a treatise meeting only a few weeks afterward, the Erdvolar tribal chieftains ceded their lands to the Hesvoline Empire in one of the largest land trades in the modern era.

Acquisition of Illmarinos Edit

In Telkryezmun of 772, the Illmarin Council voted to assimilate into the Hesvoline Empire, becoming a vassal state in exchange for Hesvoline military protection and access to the empire's well-developed trade infrastructure. This resulted in significant uproar among Illmarinos' human residents, sparking a mass exodus of human immigrants into Elsfold and Morwasten.