A trio of little-understood beings, the Eltdaavn (lit. ‘old devils’) hold sway over many small regions across central and southern Mammarkay, meddling in the lives of mortals for reasons unknown. The origin of the Eltdaavn is unknown, though leading theories attribute their creation to Dhisa or Uqam. The Eltdaavn seem to delight in causing grief, and often exploit the desperation of mortals to worsen their situation through manipulation and deceit. Though powerful compared to a mortal, the Eltdaavn pale in comparison to even the weakest deities, limiting them to lurking in the shadows on the edges of civilization.

Despite the sadistic reputation the Eltdaavn hold, some anthropological theories posit that the spirits or deities worshiped by the ancient Elfish tribes were, in fact, the Eltdaavn granting the supplications of the worshipers.

Bornun Edit

Middle-born of the Eltdaavn, Bornun makes its home in the marshes of the Human States, where it is blamed for the failure of crops, the sudden deaths of livestock, miscarriage, infertility, disease, and losses at cards. Despite this, tradition dictates that peasants make offerings to Bornun to fulfill their desires.

Bornun is usually shown as a thin, rotting human corpse with a grinning, mange-covered ram’s head.

Caernun Edit

Youngest of the Eltdaavn, Caernun can be found in Burtan-Barat, near its sibling Maumun’s territory. It is said that Caernun’s greatest strength is its ability to persuade the weak-willed, often appearing to the desperate or downtrodden with offers of wealth and power. This has earned it the name of the Liar of the Marsh, a legend feared by children and adults alike.

Caernun is most often depicted as an extremely emaciated human wearing an iron helmet fashioned like a weeping human face, which covers its head entirely, as well as shackles around its wrists and ankles.

Maumun Edit

Eldest of the Eltdaavn, Maumun lives deep within the forests of western Maadleber. Many Elfish legends speak of Maumun’s trickery, warning travelers to keep to well-traveled paths, lest they become lost and ensnared in the web of the Devil of the Wood. Though Maumun is capable of altering its form, most legends depict it as a skeletal humanoid corpse with the skull of a stag, dried blood and entrails strung from its antlers.