Founded after the reunification of the tribal Olskir, the Elfenkrijk ruled much of Mammarkay for nearly a thousand years, excelling in the magical arts. The Elfenjrijk is responsible for the construction of the Mejsterkolm, and nearly all Maadleber cities can trace their heritage to the age of the Elfenkrijk.

Following the collapse of the Qarqol, hundreds of thousands of Olskir found themselves freed from captivity by either the Amnoqtep or Qarqol, totally independent for the first time in generations. Now trained in the use of magic, the Olskir mages used their newfound power to conquer and rule their fellow Olskir, eventually forming a unified governing body. This would become the Elfenkrijk in a matter of years, laying claim to all Elfenhuis, land on which Olskir lived. Many Olskir rejected the rule of the Elfenkrijk, effectively restricting its jurisdiction to present-day Burtan-Barat, Maadleber and northern Erdvoll. After many years of relative peace, an increasingly imperialistic philosophy led the Elfenkrijk to attempt to extend its borders wherever possible, placing them in direct conflict with the late Graggrok empire, marking the beginning of the War of Expansion, which would ultimately end in the sealing of Gargat Murk and the extermination of nearly all Graggrok on the surface. Over the intervening centuries, the Elfenkrijk’s borders would continue to expand beyond the king’s ability to govern, leading to the empire’s eventual collapse and the return of the Olskir to tribal societies.