Qarqosaqum for ‘eternal people’, the Amnoqtep were a rebellious sect of Qarqotep, led by the Qarqol’s Archmage, Sarqut Amonqamiqus. The Amnoqtep rejected the Qarqol’s acceptance of Carnoturgy and experimentation on its citizens, believing the solution to the Qarqotep’s incomplete souls to lie within further technological advancement. Nearly all Amnoqtep were eventually converted into wholly artificial bodies housing their souls, capable of living, in theory, indefinitely. Believing it their duty to prevent the Qarqol from reaching their goal, the Amnoqtep eventually declared war upon the Qarqol, marking the beginning of the Upheaval. Following the Great Pilgrimage and the end of the Upheaval, the Amnoqtep fell into conflict amongst themselves, eventually realizing that the energies of the plane were waning, no longer sufficient to support their bodies in an awakened state. The surviving Amnoqtep entered a death-like stasis, awaiting the return of the energies needed to sustain them.