The founder of the Hesvolene Empire, Aaldrik de Haavlin was born into the de Haavlin noble family in UTC 699. During the events of the Maadleber Wars, Aaldrik and his brothers volunteered for military service and were deployed onto the Brolitis border. After several months of deployment, Aaldrik’s regiment was ambushed by Brolitine forces, leaving Aaldrik wounded and the other de Haavlin brothers dead. He was deemed unfit for combat and released from service, whereupon he returned to Dussenvort to recuperate at the de Haavlin estate. Over the next six months, de Haavlin became increasingly involved in Hesvolar’s internal politics, eventually being appointed to the Chieftain’s Council. He would go on to author and propose the Tribal Disarmament Treaty, which was brought before the Tribal Council in UTC 726. Upon the Chieftain’s death in Lezun 726, de Haavlin lead the proposal to reform the tribal government system, gaining support rapidly until the formation of the Hesvolene Empire a mere two months later. De Haavlin took the throne at the age of 28 in UTC 727, and led the Imperial armies to conquer the other Tribal Nations.